3 tips for growing your Instagram followers

Inspird International hit 10,000 Instagram followers! For the past 3 months, we have been posting inspirational and motivational images on our Instagram account. In this post, I want to give you my 3 top tips that I believe got us to 10k followers in 3 months.

Tip #1: Post regularly and post on a set schedule

The biggest tip I can give you is to post regularly and on a set schedule. The hardest part about starting any business is not instantly seeing positive result after putting in a lot of hard work in. Instagram is no different. You might put hours into perfecting your first post to only get 5 likes, it’s really disheartening. From a very early stage, you need to commit to 1 post per day at the absolute minimum.

We posted 1 post per day until 5000 followers and have been posting 2 times per day since then. Remember the more content you have out there, the higher the chance that it will go viral.

Tip #2: Nurture you most active followers

We have followers that like and comment on almost all our posts who started following us in the first week we started the page. Engagement is the key to growth and getting attention on Instagram. The more people that like or comment on a post will lead to more people seeing the post in the explore section. This compounds and leads to more likes and comments. This creates a viral effect.


Furthermore, you must nurture your active followers. Reply to their comments and thank them for continually supporting you. Social media is after all social. It is all about people. A strong account depends and strong personal connections.

Tip #3: Follow people interested in your niche

There is no point doing either of the above steps if you don’t have any followers to start with. The most effective way to grab someone’s attention when you first start your page is to follow them. Follow people who have liked posts on accounts similar to you only. There is no point following a guy who is into football if you have a makeup/beauty Instagram style page. Inspird has found that we get around 20% of the people who we follow to follow us back. This is high because they have liked another pages posts that are similar to ours. Therefore they are more likely to be an active follower for you as well.

We believe Instagram will let you follow up to 200 people per hour but no more than 1000 people per day. Anything over this and you run the risk of being blocked or banned completely. After around 48 hours unfollow everyone who didn’t follow you back and repeat the process.

So those are 3 highly effective tips that we used to get 10K followers on Instagram. I hope you find these tips helpful when growing your Instagram following, let us know when you get to 10K followers!

Good Luck,


Co-founder Inspird International

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