Our Vision

The Vision Behind Inspird International, our ‘why”.

Be Inspirational

Change the World

Find Your Purpose

Get  Inspird

At Inspird International we believe the greatest complement you could receive is being told you are inspirational. Therefore, we strive to craft inspirational people.

By looking at the lives of the people who inspire us we see a clear progression through 4 steps to the point of achieving the status of inspirational.

In order to achieve true inspirational status you need to change the world in some way, and have a profound positive influence on at least one persons life. Before you can change the world comes the most important step. The discovery of your purpose.

We believe purpose is born from inspiration. Through inspiration a vision can develop and through this vision purpose is discovered. This is where Inspird International comes in, by providing daily inspiration through Instagram, Facebook, blog posts, mentoring and products we strive to help as many people as we can discover their purpose giving them the opportunity to change the world in their own way and in turn inspire others to do the same.

Tom Kliese,

Co-Founder at Inspird International