Why being the boss is a smarter way to wealth

Growing up, I believe it was fortunate for me to transition through seven very different socio-economic schools as it allowed me to see and observe how different people went about building wealth. I have further added to this via travelling.

Money is an incredible invention. I could go on and on about the greatness of money for eternity, but the simplest illustration I can give of its powers is to point at the labours of the rest of life on earth (animals) and see how different it is from our leisurely lives, where we are able to trade a common medium for our needs. The second thing about money, and the thing I want to talk about in this post, is the fact that it can either work for you, or you can work for it. This is the key to building wealth: get money working for you as quickly as possible; and once achieved multiply this effect as greatly as possible.

Let’s dive deeper. The generic approach that most people use to build wealth is to work hard and slave long for it. This typical path involves grinding hard through school, selling your butt off for a prestigious job, and then selling your soul to an employer as you try to maintain the spending habits of those around you.

This is a bad approach to building wealth for 3 reasons:

  1. Most importantly, it isn’t fun
  2. It takes too long
  3. If you stop working, you stop earning, and without money it is very hard to live in our society

Clearly, the smarter way to build wealth is by making money work for you. And the way to do this is to become your own boss – something that Inspird International highly encourages.

“So how come everyone doesn’t do this?” I hear you say. The main reasons are usually risk, hard work (initially), and uncertainty. Uncertainty is probably the key factor. I cannot guarantee you will make money work for you. I also cannot tell you exactly how to do it for yourself. I can however, tell you that it is the smarter way to build wealth.

The future is uncertain, but we at Inspird International believe that if you find your passion, you can find a way to make money work for you, and as a result will be all the better off.

So find your passion and make money work for you!



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