Copy your way to financial freedom

Copy your way to financial freedom

There is a negative stigma about copying other people. From the age of 5 when you attend your first day of school, copying anything from anyone is considered the single worst thing you can do. Because of this negative stigma surrounding copying, people will spend countless hours and tons of money in the process of trial and error, rather than simply tap into a process already proven to work. It sounds ridiculous when you look at it like this right? If financial freedom is your goal, why not copy what someone else has already proven to work and save the both time and money.

Now I’m not saying you should go out and steal someone’s idea, rip their product off or break any copyright laws. What I am saying is find a person who has already achieved the level of financial freedom that you desire and duplicate the steps they took to reach that level. For example: if you are a sales person and you need to get a cold calling script. Would you rather miss 10’s of deals trialing and developing a script of your own; or, take a script that has been proven to work and use that from the start?

This is pretty much what you are doing when you find a mentor. By finding and connecting with someone who has achieved the same things you want to achieve you can tap into their knowledge and experience to make more informed decisions. You will have essentially copied the choice they would have made without spending time and money making the mistakes they made getting to that decision.

You need to watch out though, as you don’t want to copy the wrong people. There are a lot of pretenders out there. Find someone who you trust in a position that you want to be in and has a whole lot of material you can learn from, books, articles,¬†videos, seminars ect. so that you can learn everything you can about how they achieved their financial freedom. If they have enough material to learn from you may never need to meet them face to face but you can still duplicate their success.

Use the knowledge others have acquired to help you achieve your freedom. There is nothing wrong with copying what someone else did to achieve their success. Connect with powerful people, learn everything you can about how they achieved their success and duplicate the process.

I hope this helps you achieve the financial freedom and success you are looking for.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Kliese

Co-founder Inspird International

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