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The importance of a morning routine

Here at Inspird International we are always committed to improving ourselves. As I am currently backpacking unplanned and solo through Southeast Asia, I have found that it isn’t always easy to make sure I am achieving my bigger, broader goals that I have set for myself. That is why having a pre-set, must-do every morning routine is absolutely necessary for those looking to reach their major goals.

Having a morning routine and doing it daily achieves two key things:

  1. It makes sure you make consistent progress everyday towards your goal
  2. It starts your day off ‘right’; that is, doing the thing(s) that is(are) most important to you before you get side-tracked by the day’s distractions

If you are uncertain what to put in your morning routine, read my previous post “A simple and practical way to set goals”.

So after understanding why having a daily morning routine is a smart idea, and knowing your main goals, you can now begin to create and implement your daily morning routine. The simplest way to do this I believe is as follows:

  • Create a list of the three most important things to you that are “big picture”/long term (e.g. fitness, learning, mindfulness)
  • Dedicate an appropriate period of time for your morning routine and then split the time accordingly (e.g. 30 minutes each morning for the routine spending 10 minutes on each goal)
  • Create and print out a 30 day (one month) spreadsheet (like the one downloadable here) and record your successful accomplishment of each set goal until it becomes an automatic habit

The final step is the simplest yet most important: ACTUALLY START DOING YOUR MORNING ROUTINE. Don’t worry about it not being perfect; just make sure you do it every day no matter what. These are goals you have identified as being the most important in your life so there is no reason not to do them. Once you start taking consistent action, you will start seeing significant progress. As you continue you can refine and adjust as necessary, but try not to change it in the first seven days. These is so you a) don’t give up and make it too easy too quickly, and b) have time to actually evaluate how your routine is working for you.

So stop procrastinating now. Create your morning routine, stick to it, and start seeing your personal growth skyrocket!

Good luck,


Contributor at Inspird International

PS: Please comment and share your experiences and tips on morning routines – Inspird International is a community to help all people pursue and achieve their aspirations after all.

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