The most important sale you must make to be successful

Do you want to be successful? Of course you do! That’s why in this article we will tell you the most important sale that you MUST make to be successful.

Everyone is a salesman

Regardless of whether you are in sales job or not, you are a sales person. Every day we engage in interactions where we are selling our ideas & values to others, or in a more conventional sense our products. If you Google search the definition of sell you will find:

“to persuade someone to accept, convince someone of the merits of, talk someone into, bring someone round to, win someone over to, get acceptance for, win approval for,get support for, get across.”

Therefore, every time we are engaging in any of the above actions we are by definition ‘selling’.

But what is “The most important sale you must make to be successful” and how do you make it?

It’s actually the most straight forward sale you will ever have to make on the road to success. There is no need to pick up a phone. No need to knock on a door. You won’t even need to open your mouth to make this sale.

Sounds simple, right?

It may be simple but it is going to be one of the hardest, if not THE hardest, sales you will ever make. You will need to make this sale over and over and over again. You may have to make this sale to the same person every hour if need be. Have you worked it out yet?

It’s the sale you make to YOURSELF.

From the above definition, to sell something is to ‘persuade someone to accept’ that thing. Therefore the most important sale you must make is to persuade yourself to accept the idea that being successful is the most important thing you will do in your entire life. You must persuade yourself to accept that being successful, whatever your definition of successful means, is worth striving for and worth the massive amounts of time and effort it will take to achieve.

How and when do I make the sale?

Visualise your success in your minds eye, what does it look like to you? It doesn’t matter what you see, just make sure it is your vision of success and not someone else’s. Focus on only the good things and ignore the bad things (Like the amount of work it will take ect.). Don’t just see the success you want, imagine that you already have it, how does it make you feel happy, excited, overjoyed? Hold on to that emotion and build it up as much as you can to the point where any negativity you may have previously had is completely gone.

You have just sold yourself, in that moment you would do whatever it takes to experience that feeling of success again. If you could keep that whatever it takes mindset up every minute of every day, success would be yours for the taking.

Sell yourself on this idea of success as often as you want and need, you will never oversell success.

Good luck,

Tom Kliese

Co-founder Inspird International

Side note: If you truly understood and believe the words in this article you should already know that you just got sold :p



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